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I'm also in the east bay!! If you purchased like I did this past Sunday it was a waste! Your right no inserts because it was a holiday weekend. However this sunday there will be 3 different inserts in the paper. Good luck couponing!!! I see. I thought I was just unlucky to find single one Sunday's newspaper with insert. I was at a restaurant , like Denny's, last Sunday and on there counter they had a huge pile of Sunday papers.

I asked if I could have there coupons, they said yes. Trying again this Sunday. I am also wondering about other restaurants. Hi i'm new to this site, another AFC member led me here I work as a local paper gatherer in the bay area. I am based out of napa valley.

For a set of 3 inserts a request a 1. I havent tried to start a website, but i have a facebook page and a craigslist ad in the services. If anyone is interested please contact me. Im not sure how this forum works so if you post a message and i dont get back quickly plese feel free to FB me or email directly. Anyways i gather mostly chronicles and i either have local people meet and pick up inserts, or i mail them using usps.

I use paypal for invoicing and the buyer pays shipping. DiscountMags Coupons. Bookbyte Coupons.

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The Hayward Coupon Queen takes us through a 5-part series of how and where to find coupons.

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Britannica Store Coupons. Paula Deen Store Coupons. Time Magazine Coupons. They only list a fraction of the coupons on the websites that are in the inserts. Besides, then you get into that whole organizing thing that takes up a huge amount of time that we want to avoid at all costs…. You might want to look into that.

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I too found that there must be regional differences for the Smart Source and Red Plum Sunday coupons. I have been saving my inserts for four weeks now. So… I went to my Sunday coupon inserts and lo and behold!! Could not find the coupon s! After this happened three different times, I realized that my area of the country must not get the same SS and RP as others. Same thing with CVS sales. It is frustrating but I can still cut my grocery bill significantly. Thanks for the reminder to be patient. I am still at the few weeks worth of inserts point, and things have been looking grim.

Just to let you guys know, it is totlally worth it to buy 10 sunday papers a week. I have been learning to do this for 6 weeks and am seeing it pay back more and more each week. I originally tried to get every deal possible, but it takes too much time. While they are certainly no replacement for the Sunday coupon inserts, as someone just starting out I have checked them out.

I got a bunch of coupons this morning and am willing to be patient about collecting them for a few months, but it looks like a lot of the coupons expire less than a month from now. What am I missing? Yes, that is normal. Looking forward to seeing how it all works! BTW — my office has donation bins for not only a local food bank, but also for a Support Our Troops and School Supplies for local kids program. I called the paper and they said no one got the coupon inserts today!! So frustrating! I read everywhere that the best place to get the coupons is the sunday paper! On holiday weekends, there are usually no inserts such as this labor Day weekend.

I assume this is why they are often not placed in newspapers delivered on holiday weekends. In response to Cynthia, 11, there are some free sites like couponmom. Are there other regional eCoupon sites or something I should google?

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A lot of these deals include lots of food that I cannot eat I cant have gluten, which is in wheat, barley, and rye. Any suggestions on how to alter this for max savings on a gluten free diet? What you need to do is pay special attention to when moneymakers become available which will allow you to spend the excess money on anything you want in your diet. This is especially true at drug stores. I get a sunday paper only if I am out of town. Is there any way to get surplus or old sunday papers some how or just to buy the inserts?

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George,UT — those are the closest cities to us. Please help- Thank you! Yes, some coupons will expire, but others will still be good. The key is to have a coupon to use when a good sale comes around.