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Is a Costco membership worth it for college students?

Fukkers keep raising it. Originally Posted by ebrah. In on this. There is both a Sport club and Super Sport club pretty close to my house but the Super Sport one is a slightly more convenient location. Originally Posted by asdf Originally Posted by ct4surf.

Get the Super Sport if you have one near you. Quick Reply Action Reply Quote.

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8 ways to get a cheap gym membership

With a bit of search on the Costco site I also found a 24 Hour Fitness 2 year all club membership. It allows you to have a membership at a super club or ultra sport club anywhere in the United States except Hawaii. It's got a really good rating on Costco as it includes group classes and other club features at a good price.

It is not worth it if you are only using an active rated 24 Hour Fitness club or lower. Zoorela Topic Author Visitor. The Costco deal for 24 Hour Fitness is a great bargain.

No other promotion can beat that even during the Christmas holidays when they try to sign up all the people guilty of gaining weight and want to make a New Years resolution. The only draw back I see is you have to come up with the whole amount up front.

This is ideal for me as well as I travel for work so being able to use almost all gyms in any state makes this well worth it. The minimum term for a temporary employment transfer freeze is three months and the maximum freeze is six months.

Costco offers discount on gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness - Business Insider Deutschland

The maximum length of an extended freeze is 12 months. If 24 Hour does not receive notification to reactivate or further extend your freeze within 12 months, your membership agreement will be terminated. In the event your membership is prepaid, the term of the prepaid membership shall be extended, without further dues, for the same period of the freeze.