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It's the world's most painful drug recall as they're doing it a brand or form at a time.

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Last week it was one of the liquid formulations, before that 6 of the over the counter brands presumably all made in the same factory. Absolute risk if you take one or two every now and then is tiny probably similar to having a bacon sandwich. Drug companies are super cautious nowadays. I'm still taking them and I'm a pharmacist. I swore to never buy another Wacom. After a big meal try some plain yogurt. Only had one problem with the few I've had, which was battery not holding charge, and amazon replaced it no problems.

Maybe not so good for older children who are impatient, but my 5 year old has no problems with it. Not knocking the deal but these are terrible, had countless problems with ours, freezing, battery loss, slow and just generally useless.

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Was such a waste of money, I would really consider paying extra and getting a refurbished iPad. We have two of these for the kids and I spend more time rebooting it and messing around to make it work than they actually spend using it. I'm guessing the removal of the headphone jack put these in less demand so are discounted more often maybe? Had a pair these a few years back good headphones you get a bit more bass than Sennheiser usually give.

I couldn't even be bothered to elaborate. I think this deal is a bit too much for an iPad Pro No thanks. Like the nonsense you wrote?

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These old iPad Pros are being used to wedge doors open now The A10X chip in this is architecturally the same as the A10 used in the iPad just launched - do you understand now? How much is 8inch normal tablet and case? I've had 3 of these, bought 2 during a Prime Day offer and one shortly after for kids birthday - it's ok for kids Just about ok. Overall these get laggy after a while too. Again, perfectly fine if all you'll do is watch Netflix or similar Anyway, good price so heat for that. Wicked little tablet. Nice one OP, heat added!

I only want it to replace my wonderful, but now ageing Nexus 7 for Sky Go, iPlayer and All4 while travelling abroad. Cheers y. Got my tab delivered today, though it's referb there is no sign of usage, as good as pristine new tab except that it did not come in original packaging. Why is the iPad better, just out of curiosity. I need to buy a new tablet for kids and was wondering if the 6th gen iPad would be a better buy. I've had this since Christmas, it's a great tablet if you're happy with a few compromises. The screens nice p resolution , great for Netflix, YouTube, prime video etc, it's fine playing casual games but the likes of pubg and cod mobile are unplayable.

Really easy to get Google play store on it and you can also put a different launcher, disable amazon bloatware and remove ads with a bit more digging.

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Battery life is good. While I am not an apple fan their tablets stand the test of time. You will get 5 years use out of that tablet before it needs replacing. Technically yes, but they refused to refund even though the fault was within the first 30 days. Testing cant be that great if such a crappy screen fault went under the radar.

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And comms with them was dreadful, unhelpful and quite antagonistic. Just my pov but i wouldn't touch them again after that debacle. Son's iphone xs bought from here. Very good condition was advertised but it was pristine with a pin prick sized mark on side that i had to look for. Perfect front and back.

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  7. Would definitely do that again for other items. Super glue fixed that. My son's won't work anymore unless continually plugged in to charge. Nope, it's a family subscription, add tablet and it extends the sub on your account for all family members. Knowing my luck the price will be even lower come that weekend and the Spotify offer will still be on but that's the gamble :. Agreed, but I would be peeved receiving one on the basis of a post on here, so better expire ASAP and hopefully anyone who has read the thread will cancel their orders or get assurances that it is the model they advertised.

    Yeah it is. Helps that most iPads look the same, so there will be people that won't notice the difference anyway. Tablets are portable computers featuring screens with a size of seven inches or above, generally no bigger or more cumbersome than an average book. Typical tablet features include a camera, microphone, touchscreen controls and on screen keyboard for typing.


    The iPad from Apple is the most popular tablet developed to date. Tablets existed within the realm of Sci-Fi, film and TV from the midth century when Isaac Asimov first described a calculator pen in his novel Foundation.

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    The Star Trek films and TV series made frequent use of tablet computing devices in numerous references, while the tablet encyclopaedia computer described in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, written in , is very similar to modern tablets. Pen computing and the development of stylus electronic handwriting systems were the base origins for tablet systems, with the first electrical stylus device patented back in Patented touchscreen devices and early forms of tablets continued throughout the 20th century, until the launch of the first commercial tablet, the GRIDPad in The origins of the iPad can be traced back to the Apple Newton of In Microsoft held a demo of its first tablet PC, a computer featuring the use of a pen and numerous developments in devices using handwriting recognition occurred after this date.

    The first Apple iPad was launched in April , with more than million iPads sold up to January it proved the most popular tablet form.

    Android tablets have since overtaken iPad in popularity due to increased affordability and enhanced features. Smaller Windows-based tablets, such as the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft, are a good choice for productivity and offer comparable features as laptops. First off, personal preference is important when it comes to choosing the best tablet for any individual.

    Everybody has a different sized hand and palm, you need to opt for the tablet that sits best in your palm and offers easily accessible controls. The tablet best suited to a man standing over 6 foot tall is unlikely to suit the most petite woman or teen. So spend time experimenting with tablets before purchasing. The greatest difference between tablets is the type of operating system utilised, Apple devices run iOS , Android use Google operating systems and Windows tablets use the Microsoft system.

    The iOS and Android operating systems are much the same, similar to the manner smartphones operate. Where iOS and Android excel is within the areas of media consumption such as gaming, reading Ebooks, sharing photos and communicating via e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    Windows tablets can be used as laptop replacements and should be the choice of anybody looking for a tablet to conduct the same functions as a laptop. The downside of Windows tablets is their expense when compared to Android or iOS devices. Amazon Kindle tablets are dedicated to readers accessing products via Amazon and use a custom version of the Android operating system, the Fire OS.

    Tablets aimed at children are also available, providing custom access to services for security and safety purposes. When it comes to app downloads, consumers need to be aware that the size of the marketplace for Android apps can potentially cause problems with viruses or malware. Buyers still need to be very careful which apps are downloaded to Android.

    The Apple iOS was the prime mover in the introduction of tablets so it's hardly surprising they are still in the lead when it comes to apps that are optimised for use with tablets. It's easy to use any Apple tablet, children can be remarkably quick with these devices and the intuitive interface is great, but it's not easy to customise these devices to user preferences.